Cheap Dedicated Servers – Are They Good For Your Business?


Cheap dedicated servers have long been an attractive option for people, especially newcomers, startups and mid-size companies who need higher performance and reliability than that available through shared web hosting services. You can get a cheap dedicated server for less than $49 a month. This is usually less than the cost of purchasing one single web hosting account. In addition, if you use your server to run a service like email, then you can use it for free. However, cheap dedicated servers are not ideal for business owners, as it may not serve their needs best.

cheap dedicated server


In terms of performance, cheap dedicated servers do not measure up to the standards set by expensive dedicated servers. Even with four cores, the speed of a cheap dedicated server is far below what they can deliver. If your website receives heavy traffic, then it is highly imperative that you have a powerful hosting solution that offers a high degree of CPU performance, not just for the sake of providing fast Internet access, but also for the security of your website. That is why experts recommend having a minimum of 4 cores on your hosting plan.

The speed of your website will also affect its performance and profitability. There are instances when cheap dedicated servers cannot keep up with the rapid fluctuations in Internet traffic. As a result, you experience delays in loading pages or freeze in the face of high load. You will also encounter server problems that cause downtime, such as data corruption, application failure, or user error. With the right information technology and hosting services, you can minimize these setbacks and improve the performance and profitability of your website, regardless of the volume of traffic.

Cheap dedicated servers do not offer features that will make your website easy to use. For instance, cheap dedicated servers usually come with shared hosting and have limited space for software and data. That is why it is necessary to look for a server that has ample memory and storage space for your site’s needs. Some shared servers also limit the number of email accounts that can be operated on a single server. If your website requires more than a few email accounts, then it is best to opt for a medium-sized business web host. Shared servers normally provide limited bandwidth.

Another drawback of cheap dedicated servers is their lack of security and flexibility. Although the price may be attractive, it could become a problem if your website contains credit card numbers, customer financial information, or confidential client records. If you are planning to offer online payment, then cheap dedicated server offers no support for this type of transaction.


Hosting is a crucial element of e-business. It makes the business work faster and better. A cheap dedicated server could hinder the productivity of your employees. Therefore, it is essential to look for a hosting provider that provides excellent customer support, reliable performance, easy configuration, and efficient resources.

If you are operating on a tight budget, there are hosting providers that cater to such clients. There are several companies that provide cheap dedicated servers with limited resources and disk space. This option is great for individuals who have limited budgets or who want to test the capabilities of a dedicated web server before spending on a larger version. Some of these companies even offer to install and configure the server on your behalf for a nominal fee.

Some companies provide interserver transfers, which are transfer of requests between two servers. Most companies on a tight budget can opt to choose dedicated servers that have fewer resources. However, some web masters feel that cheap dedicated servers with fewer resources are not efficient. In this case, they can purchase four different cores and use those four cores to operate a single server.

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