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Do a little digging Use free tools like Dyn Gauge to have a look at the webpage load time of your website and that of the competition. The very first tool we’ll explore is Fierce. There is quite a strong tool existing in the search engine optimisation market which can readily identify what all websites are running with the exact same IP address.

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If you receive a 502 error just for a specific site, it typically suggests an issue with the site’s server. There can be a number of explanations for why you might acquire this kind of error. The error could possibly be local or remote. The majority of the moment, DNS server errors mean that you want to recheck the domain name of the website you are seeking.

Our DNS lookup tool will immediately show in depth DNS details immediately. Although there are numerous online DNS lookup tools, there aren’t many that permit you to hunt for DNS SRV records. Several DNS lookup tools are offered in Linux. Our completely free DNS record lookup tool is precisely what you’ve been searching for to aid you with your DNS search requirements.

The War Against Dns Lookup Tool

Do not run any automated tool against websites that you don’t own. In the end, you may attempt to speak to the website with the 502 error to report the issue. You can also attempt loading the website in a different browser to make certain that it’s no problem by means of your browser itself. Every web website is hosted on an internet server and it possesses a unique IP address assigned to it. The world wide web stipulates the fundamental role of inter-connectivity, which is far more than the telephone relays of before. Learn how DNS works as a central portion of the world wide web and receive a simple comprehension of the domain name system. Restart your wireless router as well to make certain it’s joined to the web and working properly.


Since the domain name is just the user-side title of a site, whose main goal is to make it easily findable among the pool of internet pages online, it doesn’t offer sufficient information for the site administration approach. On the contrary, it’s a lot easier to remember a domain name which uses words. Utilizing a DNS lookup tool makes it possible for you to go into a SIP domain name into the internet search form, and see all the SIP servers that are configured. When it can’t tell you the name of the individual who visited, the majority of the time only the name of the firm can enable a fantastic deal (you probably wouldn’t need to reveal your name to each webpage you visit, would you).

The Good, the Bad and Dns Lookup Tool

Entering the right URL will permit you to fetch the IP address for the internet server. So now you know how to ascertain the address, you can proceed and note off your Internet connection details for future reference. To learn more on an IP address, visit the home page of the website and enter the IP address you desire. In some instances, the IP address and the DNS name cannot be resolved because the IP address was forged. It contains information such as the location and other information too. As soon as you’ve obtained your IP address you can begin checking it against the distinct black list databases. You have to enter the IP address or domain name and the searches started to know about the several websites which are hosting on that internet server.

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